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Sustainable Rankings on Google & Co.
The most sustainable of the many online marketing activities is by far search engine optimisation (also known as SEO). This includes a great presence and a top ranking in the search engine results. By optimising your website or online shop in a systematic way, we reach your target audience exactly when they are looking for you and your services or products. Benefit from our SEO expertise and let us improve your rankings with lasting results.

Our SEO Services

Higher Rankings and Increased Traffic
Benefit from our SEO know-how and let us improve your search engine ranking.
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OffPage SEO

All external activities that boost the ranking of your website.
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OnPage SEO

Specific optimisation efforts on your website to improve your ranking.
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Local SEO

The positioning of your website in local search to attract customers from your region.
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Strategic content strategy and execution to increase the visibility of your website.
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SEO Audit

The SEO analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your website and the identification of actions and opportunities.
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SEO Relaunch

The relaunch of your website with a focus on SEO factors - without sacrificing your target audience.
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SEO Workshop

With our experts, we teach you the basic understanding of search engine optimisation.
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Tell us more about your business and your objectives. Together we will find the best digital marketing solutions for your needs.

Advantages With Us

Why You Should Work With Us
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Personal Contact Person

Always open, always honest and always objective-oriented - your personal contact will assist you with specialist SEO know-how.

Individual SEO Strategies

In search engine optimisation, there is no standard blueprint that applies to all industries and clients. That is why the SEO strategy is developed specifically for your company.

More Visibility and More Customers

We increase your visibility through systematic positioning in the organic search results. With increasing visibility, you gain new customers for your company.

Save Time and Resources

We are responsible for your online marketing allowing you to focus on your daily business.

Measurably More Results

We measure the success of our SEO activities and evaluate them in the form of SEO reports. This allows you to transparently track the return on investment.

Professional Analysis & Optimization for Your Website

SEO Consulting For Your Success
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Professional analysis & optimisation for your website is essential to stabilise or improve your ranking. Search results are volatile due to the fact that Google has to continuously re-evaluate which web pages satisfy the search query the most. Without an in-depth analysis, it is almost impossible to optimise your website effectively.
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Only after identifying the issues and challenges it is possible to deduce qualified optimisation activities. Analysis includes keyword research, reviewing technical SEO factors, reviewing your backlink profile, checking your competitors, as well as your competitors' SEO strategy.
Based on this, we can prioritise and implement the necessary actions for your business. By regularly monitoring and adjusting the SEO activities, we achieve your objectives and position you on position 1 in Google.

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Improve Your Conversion Rate

Turn Visitors Into Customers
We move your website into the Google Top 10, attracting your target customers to your website or online shop. You now have high traffic. Nevertheless, it can happen that you achieve a low conversion rate here. The conversion rate is the ratio of your visitors and the measurable acquisition of customer enquiries or sales.

The reasons for this can be numerous, but are often related to the website or the online shop. In order to convert a higher number of visitors into more sales, we can advise you on how to optimise your conversion rate or implement the identified actions directly.

This can include the following actions:
Using Google Analytics or a comparable web analytics solution, we can check key indicators such as the abandonment rate or the dwell time of your visitors. We can also determine at which point your visitors bounces.
Evaluation of possible optimisation approaches such as design or wording in order to increase your visitors' trust in your company.
How many clicks are required for the visitor to reach the final destination? Great internal linking and user-friendly navigation result in an optimal user experience when searching for information on your website.
Your visitors are primarily using mobile devices. This leads inevitably to two important factors: Firstly, your website must be mobile optimised. Secondly, the page speed of your website must be as fast as possible. Your visitors are impatient and do not want to wait longer than a few seconds.
Through targeted A/B tests, we can test hypotheses about user behaviour and identify the best approaches to optimise your conversion rate.

Securing a competitive advantage

Become Locally Visible
der Personen, die auf ihrem 
Smartphone nach etwas in der 
Nähe suchen, besuchen 
innerhalb eines Tages 
ein Geschäft.
dieser Suchanfragen 
führen zu einem Kauf.
Secure a competitive advantage with targeted SEO activities from our SEO specialists. Using a combination of Local SEO and our expertise, we can optimise your online visibility so that your website climbs up the search rankings. With Local SEO, we focus on actions that make your website more visible for local search queries. This allows you to reach potential customers from your area.
of people who conduct a local 
search on their smartphone
 visit a physical place 
within 24 hours.
of those searches 
result in a purchase.
Our SEO specialists develop an customised SEO strategy that is aligned with your objectives. We consider the current ranking factors of the search algorithms and also current trend phenomena in order to position your website in the long-term.
Through our activities, you will not only stand out from your competitors, but also secure a competitive advantage, which will lead to higher customer enquiries. Through continuous optimisation and adapting to changing search results, your ranking will remain stable or improve. As an experienced SEO agency, we look forward to supporting you in your challenges.

Wie unser Arbeitsprozess funktioniert


How we optimise your ranking for you

Our Workflow


In an initial meeting, we clarify your needs and objectives. We conduct a detailed briefing conversation, during which we find out about your company, your target audience and about your previous marketing activities. This gives us insight into your requirements and challenges.


Based on our briefing conversation, we conduct an analysis of your current search engine visibility and also carefully screen your competitors. The analysis includes a review of your website, your link profile and generally your online marketing activities. Through the analysis, we gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to deduce targeted actions to achieve top rankings.


Based on the analysis results, we develop an customised SEO strategy that is tailored to your website or online shop. The SEO strategy can include actions for OnPage optimisation, OffPage optimisation or content marketing. The ultimate goal is to increase your visibility and effectively reach your target audience.

Execution & Monitoring

After agreeing on the key elements of your SEO strategy, we start implementing the necessary actions and actively monitor your website or online shop to optimise your ranking in the search results. We keep you up to date on the progress. If you have any questions or requests, your SEO expert will be there to assist you.
google analytics vs matomo

Google Analytics vs. Matomo

GDPR-compliant tracking
google analytics vs matomo
google analytics vs matomo
Google Analytics is still the most suitable solution to optimally analyse your website because of its various possibilities and functions. With the increasing demands on online privacy, Matomo is one of the best analytics tools on the market. We know both solutions and can help you in both cases.

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Tell us more about your business and your objectives. Together we will find the best digital marketing solutions for your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO
The discoverability on Google can be improved by various ways. Examples are:
Optimising your Google My Business profile
The optimisation of your website or online shop for the search engines
The strategic development of new content to rank for more relevant keywords
The implementation of targeted Google advertising campaigns (paid advertising on Google)
The services of an SEO agency focus on optimizing websites and online shops for higher organic rankings in search results. The primary goal is to position the customer in first place for their target keywords.
How long it takes to achieve a top position in the Google ranking depends on various factors. As a rule of thumb, you can assume 6 to 12 months until the first significant results are achieved.