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Results-oriented Marketing
Attract customers when they search for your services or products. Unlike traditional advertising activities, you only pay for results - clicks that lead interested visitors to your website or online shop. As an experienced Google Ads agency from Hamburg (formerly known as Google Adwords agency), we focus on achieving your business goals with our Google Ads campaigns. For this purpose, we select promising keywords in direct dialogue with you and develop target audience-oriented Google Ads campaigns. Your campaigns are optimised using A/B tests and remarketing strategies for higher click-through rates by your target customers and higher conversion rates. This ensures that your campaigns perform effectively and deliver the best results for your advertising budget. Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from our Google Ads expertise.

Google Ads by Your PPC Agency

Reach Your Customers On The Spot
SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. As an SEA agency, we not only have the tried-and-tested expertise to develop high-performance Google Ads campaigns for you, but also continuously educate ourselves about the latest trends, functionalities and possibilities for effective search engine advertising. This is how we ensure that we can always advise and assist you with expertise and knowledge.
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Google Search Network

Our Google Ads experts create performance-oriented ads copy that appear in Google's search results. The PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are specifically tailored to your target group and your search behaviour. In this way, we reduce possible wastage and preserve your advertising budget.
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google shopping

Google Shopping

Highlight your products with product ads directly in the Google search results. Our Google Ads experts optimise your Shopping campaigns for maximum conversion rates and top campaign performance.
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Google Display Ads

In the Google Display Network, you can place banner ads on partner websites that match your business topic. We not only develop the campaign visuals, but also optimise your placement to achieve your campaign goals.
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youtube ads

YouTube Ads

Get your customers' attention directly through YouTube videos. YouTube Ads can be placed before, after or during the video watchtime. Our Google Ads specialists advise you on how to place your ads effectively and reduce wastage.
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conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

As a performance marketing agency, our work is data-driven. Performance measuring is the basis of our work in order to optimise your campaigns. We measure various parameters such as clicks, impressions and interactions on your website. Our developers will be happy to set up conversion tracking on your website.
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google remarketing ads

Google Remarketing Ads

By repeatedly reaching potential customers who have already visited your website, you can re-engage with visitors again and get them hooked on your products and services.
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The SEA Expert From Hamburg

Through Google Ads we increase revenue, customers or the reach of your website.
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Potential analysis of your Google Ads account
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Recommendations for improvement from the SEA expert
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Free initial consultation to discuss the results
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Advantages of Google Ads

With a SEA Agency Hamburg
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Personal Contact Person

Always open, always honest and always objective-oriented - your personal contact will assist you with specialist SEA know-how.

Individual Google Ads Strategies

In search engine advertising, there is no standard blueprint that applies to all industries and clients. That is why the SEA strategy is developed specifically for your company.

More Visibility and More Customers

We increase your visibility through strategic positioning in the advertising spaces of the search engine. With increasing visibility, you gain new customers for your company.

Save Time and Resources

We are responsible for your online marketing allowing you to focus on your daily business.

Measurably More Success

We measure the success of your SEA campaigns and evaluate them via Google Ads reports. This allows you to transparently track the return on investment.

The Scope of Services by Your Google Ads Agency

For Maximum Performance
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Campaign setup
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Consulting & Workshop

Analysis & Strategy for Your Google Advertising Campaigns

  • Goal setting
  • Analysis of your existing Google Ads account
  • Keyword research
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Account and Campaign Setup

  • Implementation of conversion tracking
  • Setup of a fundamental campaign structure (e.g. budget, devices, geotargeting, bidding strategy, etc.)
  • Setup of logical ad groups with the associated keyword sets
  • Setup of different ad copy for your target audience
  • Setup of dynamic search campaigns
  • Setup of remarketing campaigns
  • Implementation of relevant ad extensions
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Continuous Optimization and Support

  • Analysis of campaign KPIs
  • Regular A/B testing of ad copy
  • Setup of new campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Monitoring and exclusion of inefficient keywords
  • Extension of keyword variations
  • Bid adjustments
  • Adjustment of your campaigns to seasonal factors
  • Creation of comprehensible campaign reports
  • If necessary, deduction of recommendations for action for the target landing page
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Consulting & Workshop

  • Consulting by our SEA specialists so that you can achieve your goals effectively and with the least possible wastage.
  • Would you like to train your marketing team for SEA? With our Google Ads Workshop from beginner to professional, we turn your employees into Google Ads specialists.
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Let’s start

Tell us more about your business and your objectives. Together we will find the best digital marketing solutions for your needs.

Wie unser Arbeitsprozess funktioniert


How we do Google Ads for you

Our Workflow


In an initial meeting, we clarify your needs and objectives. We conduct a detailed briefing conversation, during which we find out about your company, your target audience and about your previous marketing activities. This gives us insight into your requirements and challenges.


Based on our briefing, we analyze your Google Ads account in case that you have already used Google Ads. Based on a comprehensive keyword research, we identify the most relevant search terms to reach your campaign goals.

Campaign Strategy & Execution

Based on the analysis results, we develop a campaign strategy and also execute it in your Google Ads account. You have full control over the costs. We run the advertising campaigns within the limits of your specified advertising budget.

Monitoring, Optimization & Reporting

After we have launched the campaigns, we monitor their performance. We check relevant key performance indicators such as click-through rate and conversion rate and continuously optimise your campaign. This is part of our monthly support services. You receive a transparent monthly report from us detailing the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, as well as any recommendations for action that can be deduced from the campaigns.
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SEO oder SEA?

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SEO and SEA are complementary, because SEO activities are meant to improve your ranking in the organic search results for the long term. However, the results take time. SEA can help here, because with Google Ads your website can rank for a keyword immediately. You achieve fast results. But even if you later secure a top position for your keyword organically through successful SEO activities, it can still be interesting to benefit from the synergy of SEO and SEA: Some search engine users intuitively click on the ads even though you are at position 1 in the organic results. With the synergy of SEO and SEA, you increase your visibility for the keyword and secure even more prospects for your services or products.

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Success Stories of Our Clients

Eppendorfer Insel

new monthly event enquiries
new monthly guests
The Eppendorfer Insel is a high-class and modern restaurant in Hamburg-Eppendorf. The restaurant is also a popular event location.

Kita Käptn Kaninchen

more day care centre registrations
new job applications per month
Kita Käptn Kaninchen has been caring for children aged zero to six in Hamburg since 2011. With 17 locations in and around Hamburg, the daycare centre makes children's eyes shine.

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Frequently asked questions about Google Ads
Google Ads include ads seen in Google Search, in videos on YouTube, in Google Maps or even on partner sites through the Google Display Network in the form of banner ads.
Google Ads are worthwhile if there is relevant search volume for your keyword. This can be keywords for recruiting or for selling products and services.
The required budget for Google Ads varies depending on the keyword. On average, the daily budget starts at around EUR 50. Basically, it is recommended to continuously check the campaign performance. We would be happy to check the required budget for you. Simply get in touch with us.