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PCH Packing Center Hamburg

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The Briefing

The PCH Packing Center Hamburg has been a well-known contact for logistics companies and freight forwarders at the Port of Hamburg since 1988. In the course of a major company anniversary, the company was rebranded and its CI revised.

We were assigned to restructure the existing website and present all services offered in a clear and detailed manner. Specific subpages offer travelling freight forwarders a contact point to provide answers to all relevant questions.
Web Development, Copy Writing
Concept & Execution
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Our Approach

Website Architecture
Customized Design
Location Pages
FAQ Area
Contact Person Page 
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pch reference approach customized design
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Our Development Standard

Certain aspects are always part of our web development services.
Responsive Design & Mobile Optimization
Consideration of OnPage SEO Factors
Optimization for Fast Loading Time
Application of the User-friendly CMS WordPress
In-depth Testing of the Website
But what does the client say?
»The copy is well placed. Everything important about our services is clearly and comprehensibly presented. I really like the great mix of text, images and videos. The layout is clear, practical and easy to use. Simple and intuitive navigation that helps you find what you're looking for. The balance between white space and elements doesn't make the site look too full or too empty. As far as I could check, the site also adapts to different screen sizes and devices. The design is modern, sleek and professional. The colour palette and font match our new logo perfectly. I'm sure we'll get a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners. You have done a great job!«
Tom Laborit, Quality Manager & Training Coordinator - PCH Packing Center Hamburg GmbH
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The Result

The new website of PCH Packing Center Hamburg impresses with its user-friendly structure and appealing presentation of relevant and useful information.

In contrast to the pre-launch, potential customers will now also find a clear and informative presentation of the services offered by PCH Packing Center Hamburg as a transshipment centre for goods of all kinds. Dedicated service subpages show all the important information on "LCL / FCL container handling" and "Dangerous goods handling".

With just a few clicks, travelling freight forwarders can find the most important information on the individual terminals and locations, as well as assistance with open questions, e.g. when approaching a terminal for the first time.

The logistics company from Hamburg acts as a logistics hub for the whole world. Therefore, the new website has been developed bilingually so that visitors can also access the website in English.
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