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The Briefing

Founded in 1977, Friisberg is one of the foremost executive search firms globally, with offices in 20 countries. Friisberg's team, enriched with veterans from top-tier management consulting firms like PwC, McKinsey, KPMG, Hay Group, and Deloitte, leverages unparalleled expertise to meet the complex demands of executive search and leadership consulting. This blend of global reach and local presence, paired with a shared dedication to client success, positions Friisberg as a leader in its field, continually fostering growth and strategic partnerships.

We have been assigned to relaunch the website of Friisberg. The prior website used bold images with landscape themes and green as a highlight color. The later should be changed with a more professional call to action color. The website itself shall be modernized and adapted to Friisberg's current position in the market. The usability shall be improved, so that clients can find the requested services faster.
Web Development
Concept & Development
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Our Approach

Website Architecture
Customized Design
Consultant Profiles
Office Pages
Animated Map
Instruction Manual
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friisberg reference approach customized design
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Our Development Standard

Certain aspects are always part of our web development services.
Responsive Design & Mobile Optimization
Consideration of OnPage SEO Factors
Optimization for Fast Loading Time
Application of the User-friendly CMS WordPress
In-depth Testing of the Website
But what does the client say?
»We’re truly impressed with the website redesign delivered by the team of XPERIENTS. The transformation captures the essence of our executive search firm spectacularly, making us proud to showcase our brand. The ‘About Us’ and ‘Insights’ pages, in particular, are a testament to the vibrant, detailed, and professional look we’ve always aimed for. We wholeheartedly recommend this agency to consulting firms seeking a partner who not only understands their vision but brings it to life with exceptional creativity and precision. They’ve not just met our expectations; they’ve surpassed them, making us feel inspired and connected to our own brand like never before.«
Lorri Lowe, Partner & Group CTO – Friisberg & Partners International
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The Result

The web design assessment culminated in a significant website overhaul, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The updated color scheme features blue and gray gradients, royal blue for accents and typography, and magenta red for call-to-action elements, creating a modern and cohesive look.

The website architecture has been refined to focus on two core services: Executive Search and Management Consulting, with other services nested under Management Consulting for a better user experience. 

Personal photos replace stock images, lending a unique and engaging touch to the website. An animated map visually represents the firm's global footprint, while office-specific pages are enriched with images that capture the essence of their respective cities, adding a personalized feel.

Technical upgrades include website management automations and improved loading speeds, facilitating easier content updates and offering a smoother user experience. These enhancements collectively elevate the firm's online presence, making it more accessible, personal, and efficient for users.
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